Time Warner Internet Outage

For the past week Time Warner Cable (Road Runner, Adelphia) had two internet issues. The first of which and also the root cause was related to bad firmware update that also effected Time Warner Cable destabilizing their Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) mesh. http://www.eweek.com/c/a/IT-Infrastructure/Bug-in-Juniper-Router-Firmware-Update-Causes-Massive-Internet-Outage-709180/ The second of which was how Time Warner handled this  BGP issue. They deleted and recreated entire Autonomous System (AS) numbers which represent large segments of the internet, which is one way to fix this but it is kind of like turning of the power to an entire city to turn off the power to a single street light. As a result Time Warner users could route to destination networks on the internet but networks were unable to establish a return route in-short because Time Warner deleted and recreated those parts of the internet. Lots of major internet providers had the same root issue and they were able to recover and restore services an a timely manner, Time Warner on the other hand just couldn’t seem to get their act together.