Smart Complex Passwords

Here is my approach to smart complex passwords that result in unique passwords for each service you use. Here is an example formula breakdown for an account at Yahoo:

  1. a = length of “Yahoo” = 5
  2. b = number of vowels in “Yahoo” = 3
  3. c = a2 + b2 = 34
  4. d = the first letter = Y
  5. You need a good complex slat phrase, lets use “3e4r%T^Y” and a salt end symbol in this case lets use “>
  6. You also need a slat number, in this case I prefer to use the current year this way you update your password at least once a year, in this example we will use 2014 + c
  7. Putting it together we get a password of 3e4r%T^YY2048>

A quick check of the above password at calculates it would take 44 billion years to brute force.

Here are some more examples using the formula above:

  • Google = 3e4r%T^YG2048>
  • Microsoft = 3e4r%T^YM2104>
  • Twitter = 3e4r%T^YT2067>
  • Facebook = 3e4r%T^YF2094>

Here is an easy to use excel workbook password calculator,